Worm Farming

This past winter, when it got too damnably cold to haul the kitchen scraps out to the compost bin, I built a worm home. Following directions I found online, I drilled holes in a pair of plastic tote boxes, laid in a store of damp newspaper, and ordered up a pound of worms online. 

They’ve been living in the basement for some months now and although I’m sure I’ll accidentally kill them, they continue to thrive. They make a very quiet noise as they slither around and every few days I collect some worm tea for watering plants. Thus begins my career raising small animals.


3 responses to “Worm Farming

  1. Well, if you’re going to be silly about everything I’m not sure how many readers you’ll be getting but I’m very interested to hear you are raising worms which you’ve never mentioned.

  2. vermicomposting


    Worm tea is made by soaking worm castings in water and aerating them a bit. See this PDF for more info http://vermicomposting.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/may2009.pdf

    Is that what you’re doing? Maybe I’m reading into your text, but it seems to me what you’re doing is collecting leachate.

    • Hi–From the sound of it, you’re right; this is leachate rather than true worm tea. I’ll have to investigate further. Thanks for the tip.

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