Rush Limbaugh

I know many people adore Rush Limbaugh, thrill to his angry cries; even I admit the occasional indulgence in a Glenn Beck bathos-a-rama, but let’s be serious. All these guys are peddling is Blame. The world’s turning very dark: the Koreas are racing to assume aggressive postures, the Gulf Coast is getting slicky from an oil pipe poked a mile deep into the sea–and these guys are still pointing their fingers at guilty parties.

Pscyhologists will tell you that blame is a mighty primitive emotional state, burnished over millenia in our limbic systems. It’s often our first, comforting thought when something goes wrong. But blame is immature and unproductive.

The life we have addicted ourselves to depends on burning  fossil fuels for electricity and heat and it is in peril. It  may be dissolving before our eyes, washed away as if by some chemical dispersant.

Why do we keep hedging our bets? Where is Rush Limbaugh’s full-throated call for putting people to work designing and building a new energy system that doesn’t bake the planet at the at the same time?  Where is the cry for constructive action?

Blame’s so much easier, especially if you can position yourself as the victim in someone else’s blame game. Oh sweet, sweet passivity. Ladies, this may take more cojones than these guys have.


One response to “Rush Limbaugh

  1. we might just get some real action now on the back of the gulf disaster. i just travelled through germany in a ford escort. i paid around $3.75 a gallon for diesel. i drove around 100mph and averaged around 50 mpg on the autobahn. at 60 mph i got around 70 mpg. more tax on gas; more efficient cars; alternative sources than coal oil and gas for electricity

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