Two Cheers for David Cameron

Two outstanding moves by the British government this past week. First, PM David Cameron cancelled plans to expand runways at London’s Heathrow, and promised to make similar limitations at two other metropolitan aiports, Gatwick and Standsted. The reason? Increased airplane travel is inconsistent with Britain’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Cameron made this move to the dismay of “growth is mandatory” business interests in favor of the environment (and the often shattered peace of residents who live near the airports). This is a remarkable decision and, one hopes a portent.

A second Conservative Party decision took place yesterday when the courts decided to grant immunity to two homosexual immigrants at risk of being deporting from Britain. Under Labor, an earlier decision argued that the men (one from Cameroon and the other from Iran) could live reasonably safety in their home countries if they concealed their sexual orientation. “Rubbish!” says the new decision, striking a blow for human rights.

On principle, I lean toward Labor, democratic socialism and all that. These two actions suggest that maybe political parties are not straight-jackets and that sometimes people are simply moved to do the right thing.


One response to “Two Cheers for David Cameron

  1. I believe the decision against the third runway at Heathrow is a correct one for all the reasons that you mentioned. I am not sure that Mr Cameron’s motivations are as pure as your interpretation. There were many economical problems associated with this new runway and it fell into the austerity budget measures. That being said I am happy not to see a third runway, but the potential employment it would have provided now has to be found somewhere else. There are simply not enough jobs in the UK. One can only hope that the environmentalism you sense in Mr Cameron is realised in job-creation policies within an envrironmentally favorable framework.

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