Facilitation Skills

This emerged as an issue at work: was it worthwhile to invest in developing facilitation skills?

I define facilitation as enabling groups to be productive. I think the basic skills concern guiding others in: asking questions, probing solutions, developing models, and reaching conclusions. Much obviously rests on “guide” in this interpretation; here I would take guide to be one who takes responsibility to see if what was intended got done, or why not, one who raises uncomfortable questions to uncover meanings-in-use, and who creates a safe psychological space within which others feel okay being vulnerable.

So I have proposed facilitation study group at work.where we would practice facilitating. Meeting would take place “brown bag” during one-hour lunches.  I am thinking an outline for the first meeting might be:

5 minutes welcome

10 minutes each person writes about his or her values and goals

20 minutes group discussion

15 minutes reach agreement on basic norms and goals

10 minutes draft rough agenda for next meeting

We will work with a facilitation primer,http://www.uiowa.edu/~cqi/2002BasicFacilitationPrimer.pdf and take it from there.


One response to “Facilitation Skills

  1. i thought the primer was useful and have forwarded it my kids-no time like the present to start thinking about the future. the key is “good” communication i guess.

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