New Oil Spill in Michigan

Some 800,000 gallons of oil is flowing into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River, the result of a burst pipe.

Meanwhile, the Gulf of Mexico is awash in oil.

And we have no climate bill why? No argument seems to penetrate Republican skulls. What good is democracy if it creates continual deadlock? The need to move forward as one nation, one people, commits us to the very interdependence that keeps us subject to the greed of the other side.

It has to be greed, personal gain, a dedication to one’s exquisite comfort, that compels Republicans to shy away from a climate bill that would price carbon at a true and fair rate.


8 responses to “New Oil Spill in Michigan

  1. Well it could be that each and every American realizes that a Cap & Tax scheme doesn’t address the issue of oil spills and would devastate our economy.

    You see actual Americans care about our children. We don’t slaughter them in the womb for our convenience and we don’t tolerate legislation that will doom them to despair and poverty.

    So don;t talk of greed when you mean avoiding poverty for the bulk of the American people. It’s not like the coastal Leftist elite will be overly harmed by Cap & Tax; it’s the American people who would be.

    • One: a tax on carbon is a market-based way to shift how we use energy. It would address oil spills by pricing gasoline in a way that takes into account the profound environmental cost our dependence on oil can exact on us in terms of unfishable waters and general despoilation. It could spur new sources of work in creating other energy sources.

      Two: This has absolutely nothing to do with slaughtering fetuses for convenience or any other purpose.

      Three: Obviously a carbon tax would cause more pain to people with little money than it would to those with greater financial cushions. Tax credits based on income would be one way to compensate people without the resources to withstand a price rise in gasoline or heating oil.

      There are ways of protecting people and still treating the environment as it deserves–as the source of all life and goodness that we know–not as a “resource” that can be trampled in order to make some people literally filthy rich.

  2. It can’t be that each and every American “realises that a Cap and Tax Scheme doesn’t address the issue of oil spills and would devastate our economy”-otherwise there wouldn’t be a debate.
    As an aside, who gave jonolan the right to determine who is or isn’t an American? I consider myself a member of the leftist coastal elite, and am an American

  3. What you consider yourself, mark, is immaterial; if you side with the domestic enemies of America then you are NOT and American and you and any kin of yours should be treated as such.

    It’s not about birth or blood, remember? It’s about faith, and no Leftists has the right faith to be an American.

    • You’ll have to define your terms a lot more precisely if you want to be taken seriously. Faith is not a marker of American citizenship.

  4. jonolan, I have to assume you are either kidding or very confused. Faith has nothing to do with it. If you want to discuss religion go speak to someone else-I’m not really interested in your religious beliefs.
    We are discussing politics and economics although you might have difficulty with that concept.
    We have a constitution-perhaps you should read it.
    Domestic enemies of America? From your comments I would consider you a domestic enemy. The message you are sending smacks of facism and that is certainly not part of the American political body. We fought a World War to defeat that particular political approach so why don’t you take a deep breath and reflect on just what you are so mad about and forget about your little rant about the “right faith” required to be an American.

    And for how you would treat me and my kin? What on earth are you talking about.

  5. The Destructionist

    On Monday night (July 26) an oil pipeline – owned by Enbridge Energy Inc. – burst and spilled over 1,000,000+ gallons of crude into the Kalamazoo River near Battle Creek, Michigan. Michiganders are scrambling to stop the flow from getting into Lake Michigan, but I fear their efforts are in vain.

    According to the latest local news reports, it seems that Enbridge was slow to react to the emergency, while under reporting the actual amount of oil that was leaked into the river. Since Monday, the situation has grown even worse. Birds and other animal wildlife, coated with oil, have been found. People living along the river have been warned to evacuate the area along the river way and not to drink their well water for fear of contamination.

    1,000,000+ gallons of oil may not sound like much to some, considering the amount of oil now floating just underwater in the Gulf of Mexico, but in such a confined area – like the Kalamazoo River – that amount is devastating. As the oil continues to flow west, it will soon reach Lake Michigan, affecting the drinking water of millions of people, killing all wildlife, and despoiling the true beauty of the great lake.

    I’m really starting to believe that corporations don’t give a damn about anything other than their profits. As I stated in one of my previous blog posts (Who Put Corporations in Charge?), “…what good is money, after all, if you don’t have air to breathe, water to drink, or food to eat without fear of contamination?”

  6. Who put corporations in charge is really the question of the moment, isn’t it? Some argue the Supreme Court did in the late 18th century when it ruled that a corporation had the same rights as a person. I think it must be deeper still–that we have bought the idea that profit is an intrinsic good. Corporations need not operate with profits as their mission, but most do, the environment be damned.

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