August 28, 1963–Sullied

The incredible, offensive, hubristic disrepect  of Teabaggers’ appropriating the anniversary of “the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation” in order to spill their inane hatred is best answered by Dr. King’s speech itself:  MLK_-_Aug


One response to “August 28, 1963–Sullied

  1. i listened to the weblink. still a very powerful speech after almost 50 years. it is very disturbing that the tea party is trying to turn a date into “theirs”. november 9th is a very tragic day in germany. it was initally the day the armistice was signed at versailles. in 1938 it became kristalnacht. and in 1989 it became reunification day. it was very confusing to see people walking around in the 90’s wearing t-shirts saying “November 9-I was there!” there was a good editorial in the ny times today (i think) discussing glen beck and what a dangerous man he is.

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