Gloosgap and the Whale

Gloosgap, the Great Father of all things Wabanki, needed to cross the bay. So he sang to the whales, for one to come carry him. The first whale was too small. Gloosgap placed his left foot on the whale’s back, and the whale sank. A bigger whale, a strong female, swam by and Gloosgap stepped on and stood safely on her back. She swam across the bay but did not want to swim in the shoals, for fear she would beach in the shallow water, but Gloosgap assured her it was fine, even when she swam in so close she could hear the clams singing. It’s fine, he told her, and she swam right up to the shore and beached. Oh I will die now, she cried. Gloosgap tapped her snout with his bow and she slid back into the water. She swam out, relieve, then came back. Say, she said to Gloosgap, don’t you have some tobacco and an old pipe? He did, and filled a pipe for her and she swam away happily, smoking her pipe.


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