Genesis: The Prequel

So God creates the World and everything in and around it, as shown here by William Blake, with the spirit of God hovering over the formless void. In the Hebrew, the “spirit” is literally breath, ruah. The yogic tradition might call it prana.


In Blake’s image there’s a hint of future peril in the snake wrapped around the torso of the man God appears to be bringing into being. ¬†Sure enough, Adam and Eve fall. They are shown fleeing Eden in the image on the left, painted by Massacio. They beget sons, Cain and Abel, which also does not end well. The image on the right that shows Cain fleeing his murdered brother and an astonished God is from Blake, again.

Human wickedness does not abate, and God punishes the whole world with a flood.


This painting is by Edward Hicks, a 19th century American folk artist. This post-flood God makes a covenant with Noah. This God is a universal god.


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