Come Away

And then, in Genesis 12, God takes a personal interest in one man. He calls on “a wandering Aramean” known as Avram: 1-Slide18

God says, Lech Lecha” meaning, “Go-you-forth” (from your land, from your people, from your father), … “and I will give-you-blessing and will make your name great!” God renames Abram Abraham.

Abraham, his wife Sarai, nephew Lot, and his entourage settled in the land of Canaan. God repeats his promise to Abraham, who builds altars to God at Shechem and Bethel.

A great famine set in–perhaps linked to the environmental/social cataclysm that shook the eastern Mediterranean around 1200 BCE–and Abraham and Sarai went to Egypt (where Abraham presented his wife as his sister, for reasons that scholars are still debating). When he learns this, the Pharoah sends them away, with gifts, back to Canaan.



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